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Serving All of Georgia with Radon Mitigation Services!

  • Certified Radon Measurement Provider
  • Certified Radon Mitigation Provider
  • Certified Radon Analytic Service Provider
  • Advanced Certification for Multi-Family Measurements Facilities

We honor Southern Radon Reduction service agreements.  Call us for your annual long term radon test and system inspection.

A Radon Story - In Memory Of...

Read a story about a couple in Georgia with a difficult Radon Mitigation situation.

Other Services Offered

Watch this video to learn how to select a radon professional.

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Radon System Repair, Optimization

How We Are Different with Radon Inspections: 

We are certified Radon Inspectors. We have years of experience dealing with this issue and we have the success stories to prove it!

We often repair or optimize radon systems installed by other companies. Be sure to read the fine print before hiring someone to fix a radon issue!  

Ask them: What do they guarantee?  

What happens if the radon level is not reduced?  Some companies promise to get your radon level down to ALARA.  This stands for As Low As Reasonably Acheivable.  

If you hire one of these companies, don’t expect any refunds if your radon level remains elevated! Call the professionals for radon mitigation: Elite Inspections of GA!