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Having the equipment and the ability to locate radon sources has enabled us to design and install the most effective radon mitigation systems.  This has also allowed us to save some home owners with finished basements the cost of installing a second radon mitigation system by determining where the radon concentrate is highest, we can install our system to be the most effective.  We still conduct pressure field extension measurements as part of a standard installation and when necessary, we scan concrete to avoid hitting electrical, plumbing, or other utilities that may be under or in the concrete.  

We don’t draw a diagram of where all suction points are going to be and hand that off to a crew of non-radon professionals to conduct the installation.  We take a scientific approach to the design and installation.  We want to be your radon solution, not your problem.  Every installation is a success when the system is effective and our customers are happy.  Oh, and we don’t blame geological changes for our systems not working.  We don’t require anual compliance test reporting to maintain our warranty.    If it doesn’t work, we make it right!

If you have an issue with your radon system, Contact us to solve the problem. We fix 1-2 systems a week that were installed by other companies.

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