Radon Gas Experts Encourage Water Testing

Radon gas is a proven threat. Did you know that radon can also contaminate your water supply?  While ingesting radon contaminated water can cause stomache cancer, the largest concern is still lung cancer.  The radon is released from the water anytime the water is aerated.  This happens when showers, dishwashers, and other sources of water are in use.  

Aeration Systems are the solution!

Aeration systems not only remove radon from water, they remove other gases such as hydrogen sulfide (rotten egg odor) and carbon dioxide (acid water) too.  Aeration is accomplished via air pumps, well line venturi-mirconizer, or bubbling(aerating) the water in an atmospheric chamber.  The Aeration method for radon in water mitigation is considered by the EPA to be the best available technology (BAT).  It does not pose the threat of waste buildup that other methods, such as granular activated carbon (GAC), might pose.  Aeration separates the radon gas from the well water, then vents the contaminants safely above the roofline. 

Elite installs water aeration systems, which can yield up to 99+% reduction of radon without the use of chemicals or filter media that trap radionuclides.  Contact us today for your free quote.