Our Residential Radon Warranty       Watch this video to learn how to select a radon professional.

Elite Inspections of GA (hereinafter Elite) warranties the fan and system components for 5 years.  If a tests conducted by a NRPP Certified Radon professional results in levels above what is stated in the proposal, Elite will do additional work free of charge.  Elite reserves the right to review test results and conduct their own testing.  

Elite is different, annual compliance long term test reporting is not required to maintain our warranty.  Elite will not blame geological changes for a system not funtioning properly.  Some companies use this as a means to get out of warranties or to sell you additional services.  It’s simple, if Elite’s system fails to do it’s job, we stand behind it.

This warranty does not cover radon emanation from building materials, water, elevated water table, limitations by third party water proofing systems, or items customer brings into the home.  Also note that this warranty only applies to the existing structure, building additions are not covered under this warranty.

Elite’s warranty does not cover damages to the system that are out of Elite’s control.  Alterations conducted by anyone other than Elite will result in warranty being null and void.  

Elite’s warranty is transfered to home owners free of charge.  In reality, the home is the customer and there is not need to transfer the warranty, but we have a form to satisfy real estate transactions when needed.

Elite offeres a service plan that includes annual long term testing, system inspection, and system maintenance.  This plan extends the warranty for every year it is in place.  Both labor and materials are covered under this service plan.

At Elite we pride ourselves on installing high quality radon mitigation systems, being honest with customers, and standing behind our work.  This is the best warranty in the business.