Commercial Radon Mitigation

Watch this video to learn how to select a radon professional.

We installed radon mitigation systems in mulifamily complexes all accross the Southeast including Nashville TN, Chattanooga TN, South Carolina, and all over Atlanta GA.

Commercial radon mitigation system design can be much more complex than residential systems.  For apartment complexes, large buildings, and schools let the engineer at Elite Inspections of GA design a system to solve your problem.  Often times a pilot study is needed to determine the best approach.  Hiring a company that spends 15 minutes onsite can be a recipe for disaster.  

Commercial facilities may have Post Tensioned (PT) foundations, electrical service cables and plumbing under/within the concrete slab.  Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) may be needed to avoid a major disaster (hitting these items with a drill).  Elite has experience successfully completing projects like this.  

New Commercial Construction – CC-1000

CC-1000, Soil Gas Control Systems in New Constructions of Buildings, is the standard for new commercial construction.  From creating the required radon report to system installation, you can count on Elite Inspections of GA to get the job done!  We will work with your team to create updated construction drawings and cost and schedule estimates to satisfy your lender.